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EETC and IFC Join Forces on Solar Project
The Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) signed an agreement with the IFC to establish a 600-MW solar power plant west of the Nile...Read More
Smart Housing Prototype Shows Promise in Rapidly Urbanizing Africa
As the housing sector grows—and it must grow if we want an equitable world—we need to reduce its environmental impact, not raise it,” said UN Environment Acting Executive Director, Joyce Msuya. “Smart design is the only way to meet our housing needs and stay within planetary boundaries.”
...Read More

Standard Bank Pulls Out of SA Coal Power Funding
Standard Bank has reconfirmed its commitment to clean energy by announcing its decision to withdraw its funding on the construction of the Thabametsi and Khanyisa coal-fired Independent Power Producers (IPPs) projects in South Africa....Read More

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