Load Shedding Leaves Nigerian States in the Dark
Thursday November 8, 2018  Printer Friendly Email this article

Load shedding over the next two weeks will leave Nigerian localities of Sokoto and Zamfara in the dark according to the Transmission Company of Nigeria. This load shedding is due to technical problems on a transmission line in Gusau.


"The current power shortage in Sokoto, Talata-Mafara and Gusau is the result of problems in the TCN's electrical transmission facilities, particularly on the Birnin-Kenni-Sokoto-Talata-Mafara-Gusau line, with the collapse of a 132 kV electric tower between Funtua and Gusau," said Ndidi Mbah, TCN public relations officer.


All of the electrical capacities produced in these States were higher than the transmission capacity of the line. This fact led to an overload of the line and consequently to this failure.


The rehabilitation of the 330 kV Kaindji-Birnin-Kebbi-Sokoto line as well as the construction of a 330 kV substation at Sokoto will start soon to remedy this overload.

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