Kpone Power Plant Start Up Postponed
Thursday November 8, 2018  Printer Friendly Email this article

According to Group Five the finalization of the Kpone thermal power plant in Ghana will be postponed again. The postponement is due to the contamination of the fuel supplied to the company for powering the plant.


Group Five started construction in 2015 and, according to the original terms of the agreement, commissioning was planned for 2017. However, this date was postponed until October 2018, due to delays in the delivery of materials. construction, as well as difficulties encountered with certain subcontractors.


"The supply of fuel is the responsibility of the customer. The completion and commissioning of the plant is postponed to a later date that will depend on the resolution of the fuel contamination problem,” a statement from the company said.


The engineering firm built the 350- MW capacity plant on behalf of Cenpower Generation Company. The latter also claimed $62.7 million in damages for the delay in conducting the work. An application that Group Five has challenged in court.

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