Nigeria Launches Electrification Program in Jigawa
Thursday September 13, 2018  Printer Friendly Email this article

Nigeria launched its rural electrification program in Jigawa state with a call for expressions of interest from the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA). The expression of interest is for the carrying out of the feasibility studies, as well as the implementation of the program.

The program, which consists of installing solar power plants with an overall capacity of 1 GW, is being undertaken by independent power producers.

SEFA is a fund administered by the AfDB that supports small scale renewable energy projects and promotes energy efficiency and supports the program in this context. The fund will provide a $ 1.5 million grant to help start feasibility studies.

All the plants to be built under the program will inject their production into the national grid, through a 330 kV or 132 kV transmission line, to be built by Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading (NBET).

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