Angola Leads the Way in Chinese Investments
Tuesday, March 13, 2018  Printer Friendly Email this article

Angola has attracted the most investment from China in Africa in the field of energy infrastructure since 2000. According to a study by American University of Boston, China has injected more than $34.8 billion into energy infrastructure on the continent over the past 18 years, with $8.9 billion of this going to Angola.

Chinese investments into Angola were mostly aimed at hydropower plants, most notable the Caculo Cabaca hydropower plant, which started construction in 2017. The plant received $4.5 billion in financing from the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

Coming in second in terms of Chinese investment was Nigeria, who was the recipient of $6.6 billion over the past 18 years in the sector. It is followed by a platoon made up of Zambia, Uganda and South Africa, which each raised more than $2 billion and Sudan, which received $1.6 billion. The remaining $11 billion was distributed among the other countries on the continent.

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