Togo to Raise Electrification Rates with Solar
Tuesday, June 27, 2017  Printer Friendly Email this article

The government of Togo, through the CI-ZO initiative, is looking to bring electricity to more than two million of its citizens.  The CI-ZO initiative will be achieved through the distribution to rural populations of individual solar kits which will be gradually acquired through mobile means of payment.

The government intends to raise rural electrification rate from the current 7% to 40% by 2022. CI-ZO will cost about $15 million to the government, private investment will add another $102.5 million to bring the project to fruition.

The pilot phase that will be initiated this year will see the distribution of 20,000 individual kits. This marketing will be carried out by private firms, while the government will be responsible for putting in place the necessary conditions for its implementation.

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