Hydropower Problems in Nile Basin Countries
Tuesday December 20, 2011  Printer Friendly Email this article

Organizations within the Nile Basin countries are asking for more focus on wind energy and solar power instead of hydropower as many residents will not have access to the grid that the hydropower will feed.


Instead the Nile Basin Discourse (NBD) has proposed that various forms of renewable energy be implemented into the overall Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) scheme. “In order for all communities to benefit, let the implementing agencies and funders consider other means of energy that are conducive for the local people,” said the NBD.


The NBD has asked the development partners and international financial institutions to include rural electrification projects in their major interconnection power lines. The NBI countries are attempting to implement a regional power trade program that will include the development of an integrated regional power grid interconnection to all member states. The group’s secretariat has already appropriated $450 million for the construction of the Rusumo Falls hydropower project.


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