SADC Urged to Consider Biofuel Regulations
Monday November 21, 2011  Printer Friendly Email this article

Foreign firms are increasing their interest in the biofuel sector resulting in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) being urged to implement policy and legal mechanisms to foster responsible investments.


The World Wild Fund (WWF) for Nature discussed the negative effects of biofuels if such regulation was not put forth at a regional workshop held in Mozambique. “Apart from loss of livelihoods and biodiversity, there is displacement of the local communities,” according to the head of the Tanzania delegation to the workshop Godfrey Elisius Massay.


Enos Shumba also presented a paper discussing how Malawi’s National Development Strategy for 2006-2011 had no provisions on the biofuels sector and no clear strategy has been made clear to date. He added, “In Zimbabwe, the country adopted the principles of bio-fuels development in 2007. WWF and environment Africa are now facilitating development of national policy and strategy.”


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