The Great Challenge of the Use of Plastic: A Focus at Ecomondo 2019
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From the design of packaging sustainable to the opportunities for exploiting the mixed fraction and the latest news on freeing seas and oceans from marine litter 

Rimini, 6th November  2019 - It is one of today’s largest environmental challenges: reducing pollution due to plastic, the manufacture of which, according to some sources, could manage to exceed a billion tons per year by 2050. The 23rd edition of Ecomondo, the large European appointment with the circular economy, organized by Italian Exhibition Group from 5th to 8th November 2019 at Rimini Expo Centre, this year again dedicates an extensive program of meetings to the issue of plastic. The event’s proceedings will be based on the European Strategy that in recent months led to approval of the directive that prohibits the sale of products in disposable plastic.

A cross-section of what is happening at national and international level will be provided by the schedule of appointments promoted by the Ecomondo Technical Scientific Committee chaired by Professor Fabio Fava.

What are the most evident innovation drivers revolutionizing the packaging world? This question will be answered by the beacon event The future of the design of sustainable packaging. Heading for a permanent observatory on packaging innovation, scheduled for Thursday 7th November. The Emilia-Romagna Region – Europe’s Packaging Valley – is one of the areas most involved in the sector at international level. As well as mapping the current practices and possible "future" of various situations, in response to the legislative guidelines and changes of the ecosystem under way at global level, the conference intends launching a symposium to update on the innovations under way worldwide, and provide the sector’s scientific, technological and manufacturing community an observatory on sustainable packaging, fundamental for accelerating processes of innovation, spreading knowledge and strengthening the network.

Also on the topic of packaging, on Friday 8th November, there will be a seminar entitled End-of-waste of the mixed fraction of plastic packaging:  new opportunities for the material valorization of an important resource, referring to the new decrees on End-of-Waste, the innovation of processing plants and the results of technological research, will provide important information on how to exploit the problematic fractions of mixed plastic packaging, which often end up in incinerators or landfills.

On the other hand, Plastic-free for a healthy Mediterranean Sea, the Bluemed R&I Pilot, on Thursday 7th November, will be a round table with the key players in the plastic chain, to develop a series of concrete actions and measures together.

The Ecomondo Technical Scientific Committee, Legambiente, Corepla, IPPR, Associazione Mediterranea Acquacoltori, University of Siena and Bluemed have set an appointment on Friday 8th November to sum up the situation on Marine Litter and Blue Economy, impacts and solutions from the world of fishing and aquaculture. Lost or abandoned nets and equipment from fishing and aquaculture activity account for approximately a third of the plastic litter found on European beaches and an even greater proportion as far as their weight is concerned, reaching up to 11,000 tons per year. An opportunity for presenting virtuous experiences, prior to the approval of the “Salvamare” (Save the Sea) law.

The complete continually updated program us on the Web site www.ecomondo.com

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