ContourGlobal Targets RE in Togo
Wednesday September 4, 2019  Printer Friendly Email this article

ContourGlobal wants to boost power generation in Togo through the use of renewable energy according to the company’s director general, Mawuèna Adjogah. "As far as we are concerned, we have the means and the expertise. What we are missing is only the conjunction of the will of all partners," said Adjogah.

ContourGlobal built and operates the Lomé combined-cycle gas plant with a capacity of 100 MW, nearly half of the national electricity capacity of 230 MW and is looking to add more to its portfolio.

Togo, which adopted in 2018 its law on renewable energies aims to produce 50% of its electricity, from this type of power plants, by 2030. To achieve this, it intends to establish 300 mini solar power plants, in the framework of public-private partnerships and to provide 550,000 households with solar domestic installations by 2030. ContourGlobal is ready to aid the government in meeting its targets.

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